Monday, 15 July 2013

MCB Solutions: Innovations for Professional Disability Accessibility

My dad is an optometrist (eye doctor).  As a teenager, I worked in his office for several years, and I've had the chance to visit many times since (mostly because I have horrible eyesight).  I realize that I'm a bit biased since he's my dad and everything, but I have been to other eye doctors, and it made me realize what a good optometrist my dad actually is.

In years of performing exams, my dad realized how difficult it was to treat patients in wheelchairs.  It was awkward to examine them out of their wheelchairs,  but virtually impossible to move the heavy exam chairs out of the way and provide another option.  Having attended well-known engineering school Georgia Tech before becoming an eye doctor, my dad set to work on a solution.  He spent years working on it, and finally made the mobile chair base.  It helps doctors move their exam chairs out of the way so that patients can be examined in their own wheel chairs.  It's easy to use (even I can do it), discrete, and it solved an obvious problem.  Originally made for his own office, my Dad, Dr. Baker, realized that other doctors were facing the same problem.  In fact, many doctors are facing lawsuits for breaching ADA laws because they do not have an acceptable way to treat wheelchair patients.  So my dad started selling them to other doctors.

This is a product that he is passionate about because it has allowed more patients to be treated with the dignity and comfort that they deserve, and allows doctors to better treat them.  It's one of those things that most people won't ever think about...until it's their problem.  This is a great solution for disability accessibility within a doctor's office setting.

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